Sharing my own experience staying at The Pod Capsule Hotel in Beach Road, Singapore.

I was on my first solo travel abroad last January, hence, I wanted everything to be on a budget. I stayed in Singapore for 5days. I looked for a budget hotel that is secured and near the MRT or the bus station so I could go around anywhere easily. I also wanted the hotel to have an inclusive breakfast so it could lessen the hassle of getting up early just to eat breakfast.

I browsed agoda and happened to chance upon the The Pod Capsule Hotel located at Beach Road. It got my interests as it offers your bed and breakfast differently. I have read good feedbacks and reviews of the hotel and I thought it would be nice to try it out.

For me, the hotel is safe and secured enough as it is opened only by an automated door wherein you either have a key card to enter or dial the hotel lobby's floor number through their security system below.

Once checked-in, you will be given this key card. You can use this to enter your designated room. Every door in this hotel is keycard-operated. This means you cannot just enter any other room or any other floor using your own keycard. Your keycard can be used only on its designated floor and room number.

I chose a single side-entry pod capsule (female only) room. They also offer a mix room but I rather choose this as I was travelling alone.

The pod bed is uniquely made. Even though it's a 12-pod bed in a room, you can still keep your privacy as you can pull the curtain down. It's not really the usual curtain as it is thicker and sturdy-like.

Each pod is equipped with a personal reading light, folding table for laptop use, hangers and a clothes rack, and a power socket.

Moreover, included in the hotel's price is breakfast buffet, complimentary wifi in all rooms and public areas, and a bottled drink which can be refilled at the dining area. They also offer self-service laundry and dryer and they will give you your own designated shoe cabinet based on your pod and room number. It is strictly prohibited to wear slippers or shoes in the room for hygiene purposes. 

You can also request for earpods if you're unlucky of getting loud voice roommates. As always, there are considerate and inconsiderate people. So, it's better to be prepared. But during my entire stay, which was 5days, my roommates are considerate enough to lower their voices when talking so as not to disturb the others in the room.

What I like most in staying here is there breakfast buffet. I totally loved the food choices they offer, especially their desserts. They have pancit, siomai, varieties of bread, unlimited coffee and juice, and cereals. Here's a quick look of what I got during my entire stay:

Among its desserts, I totally loved this one below. I don't know how do you call it but it's a mango-strawberry, kiwi tart I guess. So maybe, it's a fruit tart. Haha!

I paid a total of Php6,448 inclusive of service charge and hotel tax for 5days. So that's around Php1,289.60 per day. 

Everything about the hotel for me is great. The only downside is that the nearest MRT stations (Nicoli Highway and Bugis) is 10-15mins away from the hotel. But you can always choose to ride a bus which station is just in front of the hotel. It is just difficult to understand and memorize their bus  routes as their buses are classified by number. 

Overall, I will rate this hotel 4.75/5. If asked if I will come back, yes, definitely! 
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  1. The whole setup looks wonderful.

  2. Great hotel. Nice pictures.

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