July 2016
Our family loves to eat..and swim. Hence, when I found out about a covered water spa with buffet, we immediately went and gave it a try. As far as I know, Ace Water Spa has two branches, one in QC, the other one in Pasig. We have tried their QC branch first but their Pasig branch is way better. Their Pasig branch is clean, bigger, and more cozy than their counterpart.

Anyway, we went early on a weekday to avoid the crowd and the usual long waiting time for a locker. Cameras are not allowed inside, thus, I only took these shots outside, at the lobby.

Here's their spa and buffet prices. Everyone must come in a proper swim suit attire. Otherwise, you will be forced to rent swim suits. Also, take note of their terms and conditions as posted below.

Lunch time came. We got tired swimming and all, so we decided to delight ourselves with their buffet. I was expecting a mediocre lunch buffet tastes and selections but I was wrong. Everything tasted surprisingly great and worth their value.

Below is their buffet promo rates:

Here's on their menu..

Their crabstick wrapped with bacon is superb!

This crab dish was also good. I just forgot what it is called.

They have roast beef, babybackribs, and chicken lollipop.

Their shabu-shabu and grilling sections offer a wide range.

Make your own shabu-shabu.

You can also make your own salad.

All hail for their seafood collection. This is what we've got. Seafood overload.

My own plate.

Drinks are already included in the buffet price. Here are their selections.

Plus their ice cream and coffee stations.

Of course, for the dessert, their tiramisu is the best! They do have less selections for the cakes though. The picture below shows all that they have. And that's all.

Your halo-halo cravings will be filled by this..

Lastly, their candy station. My nephews and nieces love this section. They went back and forth here.

Overall, I could give a rating of 4.6/5 for this experience. I expected less when I decided to try their buffet, but I was very impressed. The taste, ambiance, and the varieties of food are superb. The only downside is on their cakes and fruits selections which are very limited. But that was set-off by the fact that the food tastes great! Well, that's based on my tastebud. Everything sits well.
Here, I managed to avail a cashcashpinoy voucher of Sofitel wherein I only have to pay Php1,590 for Php2,665 worth of food. Since this is not the typical buffet deals wherein the buffet price is already covered by the voucher in its entirety, I emailed first sofitel to know how much exactly their buffet rates. Below is their reply:

Sofitel Buffet Rates (As of March 2016)
KIDS (5-11y/o)

630am to 1030am

Mon – Sat
12nn to 230pm


12nn to 3pm

w/o champagne


630pm to 1030pm
Sun - Thurs
6pm to 11pm
Fri & Sat

Based on the above rates, I availed their Lunch Buffet worth Php2,554.76 since my voucher covers only worth Php2,665.It is within their policy not to reimburse the difference between the voucher price and the actual buffet price.

Hence, here we go..my seat was situated at the back of their staircase. Under it is a flowing water.

The ambiance was nice and soothing.

Before I pick up a plate, I decided to go around first and take pictures.

They have their own room for varieties of cheese and cold cuts.

I only asked for blue cheese and cheddar.

Their seafood menu includes lobsters, clams, and mussels.

I was too excited to try their lobsters but it turned out a little disappointing because it was too cold and no taste at all. This usually happens when I have high expectations.

Their sushi section..

Their other menu includes..

Here' their pasta area.

They also have a specific section for Filipino dishes.

My favorites! Broccoli and mushrooms..I can live my entire life eating only mushrooms and broccoli! Plus they have asparagus. I'll be satisfied with jut eating these dishes. haha!

I love their bread replicas for design! Looks real and natural. I was almost deceived.

So, this is what I got after roaming around.

Right before you start your meal, they will give you one round of bread with butter. I denied it first but the lady insist. Good thing I accepted. I super like the taste of their butter plus the whole wheat bread.

Okay, so for the desserts. They got..layered salads.

Beside it is for salad dressing. Your choice.

You can make your own halo-halo.

Then, their ice cream corner.

Fruit section..

Filipino delicacies..

Then, their section for candies, cookies, and other sweets.

Their chocolate fountains. Kids would definitely love these.

Here's their tarts, cakes, and mini cupcakes.

Their pistachio opera cake is the best! A must try! Here's what I got for dessert. I made 2-3 more rounds for their pistachio opera cake. Absolutely great!

Overall, my experience with Sofitel lunch buffet was okay. It's just a little below my expectations. Maybe because this is Sofitel's Spiral. Or maybe because I was just expecting too much (like having roasted duck, turkey, ham, lamb or even a lechon) but nothing.

Anyway, it's a weekday lunch. Maybe they have different menus for the other days. Ask if I will come back here? Well, maybe. If there's another shot of a deal. But if I will pay for the regular price with the same menu, nah-ah. I haven't tried their menus for dinner and weekend buffet yet. Maybe it offers better selections. Until then, lets see.