Review of Love Dessert buffet in Pearl Drive, Commonwealth, QC.

My sister and I, together with my cousin and pamangkins, decided to eat lunch. But not the usual lunch, we chose to go straight to the last part, which is dessert. Hence, we go for Love Desserts in Pearl Drive, Commonwealth, QC.

That time the line was not that long. Thus, we managed to get a seat right away.

Here's what on their menu.

At first, we thought the right side below are nachos. So funny, they are in reality lumpia wrappers! We were deceived! haha. I don't know why they do that or whether there really such a dessert like that. But it is weird. So weird.

Here's their ice cream section and drinks.

Their cookies and candies..

Here's their halo2x section.

They likewise have varieties of cakes.

The best ones are their crema de fruta and graham cake. They taste delicious! Not so sweet and all.

Their crepes: strawberry and blueberry crepes.

Here's what we've got.

You guys better try it before it's too late. Their current price is Php199 for 2hrs dessert buffet.

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