This is a warning to companions of patients to be mindful and alert during dialysis sessions.

Tonight, I just realized that patient's watcher or companion should be alert and mindful of what the nurses are doing and injecting to the patient. If you are a person who is a sleepyhead, then you might not be a good choice as a patient's watcher, especially during his or her dialysis sessions.

We just got home from my mom's session and she almost had an emergency. Her doctor prescribed her to take 10doses of IV iron. She is on her 6th dose tonight. But unluckily, we had her treatment terminated beforehand and most of its prescribed amount of iron were not used and now gone to waste.

As you can see in the above image, a lot of it has not been consumed. Under the doctor's prescription, the iron should be mixed with 100ml sodium chloride (two 50ml bottles as shown above) and such must be done 1hr before the dialysis session ends.

However, due to busyness of our designated nurse as he was terminating other patients, he allegedly asked another nurse to mix it up. Unfortunately, the latter put everything in only one 50ml bottle.

Our nurse, even knowing something was wrong, still went on to connect it to the dialysis machine. My mom noticed that it's already less than an hour when he connected it and asked whether it's still okay to proceed with it but our nurse said it's alright making the drips faster. I was sleeping that time and was suddenly awaken. That's when I noticed that he connected first the unmixed bottle to the machine and about 30mins thereafter changed it to the mixed one.

When the mixed bottle was connected, that's when my mom felt unwell. She said her body went numb and she felt weak. Her strength was suddenly drifting off. She can hardly breath. That's when I decided to terminate her session. She still had around 25mins left. She agreed as she's no longer feeling well.

Our nurse admitted to his mistakes and kept on saying sorry, sorry, and sorry. He said it was another nurse who wrongfully mixed it up to only one bottle and he thought it's alright to proceed. He just added some of the contents of the other bottle to the mixed one and thought it's okay. We told him even if he added some, it would still not constitute 100ml as prescribed by the doctor. He said yes he understand and again apologized to us. We told him to never do that again as one simple mistake could cost too much as life is at stake. It took some time before my mom regained her strength and we managed to get home.

That's when I realized the important role of the patient's companion and the patient herself/himself attentiveness. If that was left unnoticed, anyone could get away without knowing the cause if ever something happened. Maybe, this is one of the reasons of some people's emergency situations. Thus, a very important lesson here is that we companions must be mindful, conscious, and alert at all times for our loved ones especially during their dialysis sessions.
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  1. What hospital or center does she gets her treatment?

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