Sharing my lunch experience with my mom in Ace Coffee Lounge, Del Monte, QC.

My mom and I went to Hi-Precision in Del Monte, QC for her laboratory tests. Since we arrived late, around lunch time, we decided to take our lunch at Ace Coffee Lounge nearby. When we got there, only a few people are present.

Ace Coffee Lounge is the same building as the one for Ace Water Spa. You can actually see the pool from the restaurant itself through a mirror. That time, it's a weekday so only a few are using the pool. 

Here's what they have on their menu for reference purposes. 



My mom is on a strict no-meat (pork and beef) diet. She can only eat fish, chicken, and veggies. I ordered for her the restaurant's Boneless Mexican Chicken with rice. She managed to finish her meal (to think she's very picky on what food to eat) so I guess I'll give this 4.75/5 rating.

I likewise ordered fish fingers for appetizer. The fish itself has no taste at all but their dip is superb. The dip sets off any disappointment one may have with their fish fingers. So I'll give this 4/5 rating.

Lastly, I ordered their sisig for myself. I actually prefer sisig menus that are crispy and crunchy. This one is not. But it tastes good. So I'll give this 4/5 rating.

If you want to indulge yourself with some sweets after you're done with your lunch, you can choose from their cake slices below. They offer different cakes for you to choose from. We were not able to try any but maybe I'll order one next time.

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