If you consider yourself an amateur or professional photographer, you can earn money by selling your own photos online. Read to know more.

Do you love taking photos? Either it is a scenery view, a beach, sunset, or just any plain photo that shows so much emotions? Then, I think you will like this post. 

Do you know you can earn a significant amount by just selling your own photos? Yes, you heard that right. You can submit it to various websites like shutterstock, fotolia, bigstock, alamy and many more. I will give you a comprehensive list of websites where you can upload and sell your photos and their corresponding commission rates in a separate post. But for now, I will give you a glimpse of how much you can earn per photo downloaded. 

Here are the people who have shared their success stories in selling photos online. See below: 

All Things Photography


Alamy blog 

Nagel Photography


Though it may seem like a long shot before one can have a decent regular income through selling photos online, it really does no harm to try it, especially if taking photos is one of your passion and making professional-looking shots is your hobby.

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