Get paid by selling sound effects, audio tracks and self-composed music online. To get more info, read here.

Music is an art that goes in your ears, straight to the heart. 

Do you love music? Do you like composing one? In this post, I will tell you that you can actually earn while doing your passion, that is music! 

If you think playing music instruments to your loved ones are just your hobby, then think again. Here, you can earn extra cash by just continue doing what you always love to do. You can sell your self-made sound effects, audio tracks, and self-composed music online!

There are two popular websites where you can submit your music online for selling: one is audiojungle, the other is Pond5. You can sell your music either as exclusive or non-exclusive. There are other audio marketplace websites where you can submit your music. I will compile a list in a separate post for your reference. For now, I will give you proofs that this is legit. 

Proof that it is legit? 

Here are some testimonies of people who are already selling music and audio tracks online. As you can see below, high music sales do not automatically pertain to higher submissions as there are instances when they were rejected. But sales are mostly inclined to quality music, not quantity. You can check the blog links for more details.

And here is stockmusicmusician's December 2016 earnings. 

Basically, your earnings from selling stock music depend on several factors: marketing, hardwork, time invested, luck, and competition. My advice is to first look at the audio tracks of Top Authors. Listen to their music and learn. By that, you can get some ideas how they managed to boost their sales online. It is not like a walk in the park, but if playing music is already your hobby, it would be nice to earn something from it. You can do this while recording yourself as discussed in #2 of my posts so you can hit two birds with one stone. 

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