Start earning income online by following your passion! That is shooting high quality videos and submit them online.

Similar to how you can earn from stock photos that I discuss in #4, this time, you can earn by selling video effects and footages to places like Shutterstock and VideoHive

Video footages could be landscapes, buildings, people, and just about anything. Make sure you are shooting at least 1080p, but most buyers are looking for 4K footages. There are occasional requests for vintage looking videos, so you can use an old 16mm cameras too. Your videos could either be adobe after effects project, apple motion templates, cinema 4D and other motion graphics. 

Proof that it is legit? 
Below are some shared experiences of people who have sold video templates and footages already through various online marketplace. 

ChicVoyage Production

Here, you just have to be creative and twitch your mind to endless possibilities so you can create unique and professional footages. It is better to watch the works of Top Contributors for each marketplace so you can have ideas of what kind and the nature of videos that are in demand. I will have a list of websites where you can submit your videos online for selling. 

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